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Deliciousness of freshly baked, fried, and steamed fish paste, and
Attractiveness and Impression of a genuine fish paste,

Shiogama Jinjya
Shiogama is located in the middle of Sendai and Matsushima and it has prospered not only as Monzen-cho of "Greatest Shinto shrine of Oshu called Shiogama Jinjya" but also as the port town that had abundant fresh seafood. In addition, it has been prosperous as the marine products processing industries and some of them have the largest amount of production in Japan, in particular, fish paste. We cook it right before we serve "Surimi" ,which is carried directory from a factory with the history of 80 years in Shiogama. Please enjoy "Oden" and a Sendai specialty ox tongue called "Gyuutan"..


Sendai "Date Masamune"

Abezen Shoten about 40years ago

Fish market in Shiogama


Sendai Specialty Ox Tongue